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Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion

IAP ARCASIA Young Teachers Training Workshop, Karachi - February 2016

The Institute of Architects, Pakistan continued its determination to improve the Architectural Education in Pakistan with the number of schools added each year and lack of trained studio teachers, a series of international workshops have been conducted in the last four years with Ar. Prof. Nuno Soares and Ar. Prof. Thomas Daniell in July 2013, October 2014 and February 2016 respectively under the banner of IAP, BAE and ARCASIA which were a huge success. The Workshop was called “Designing the Studio”. In the latest addition held in February 2016, 15 teachers from 9 schools were trained including 2 from Sri Lanka taking the total of all teachers trained in this workshop over the past couple of years to over 110. These workshops initiated under the IAP presidency of now President Elect ARCASIA Ar. S.M. Jahangir Khan made a significant contribution by IAP towards architectural education.
This year the workshop was taken a step further with the introduction of the master teacher training workshop. This was a challenging experience and was a first step towards developing eventual master trainers in the future. A total of 8 participants from all over Pakistan took part in this new workshop. The workshop was held from the 8th to the 12th of February 2016. The participants of both workshops were continuously engaging with the instructors and produced short presentations daily culminating in a group project for the teacher trainers. For the master teacher training workshop the participants designed the curriculum for an entire semester on an individual basis. The two workshops concluded with a closing and award ceremony. Taking advantage of Prof. Thomas Daniell’s presence in Karachi, the chapter promptly organized an enlightening lecture on highlighting the role of female architects in the development of Japanese architecture.
This workshop was hosted at the Beach Luxury Hotel by the IAP Karachi Chapter under its chairman Ar. Arif Changezi. It was organized by BAE under the chairman Ar. Arshad Faruqui. Honorary Secretary IAP, Ar. Ramiz Baig was the convener of this week long workshop.

Teacher Training workshop participants:

Ar. Shahrukh Noman from CEAD, Jamshoro
Ar. Khubeeb Khan from COMSATS Islamabad
Ar. Jahangeer Khan and Ar. Palwasha Aman Ullah from BUITEMS, Quetta
Ar. Samar Shamim Hussain and Ar. Madiha Waseem from SSUET, Karachi
Ar. Mariyam Nizam from IVSAA, Karachi
Ar. Nouman Manzoor from University of Gujrat
Ar. Rahat Arsalan and Ar. Safia Asif from NED University, Karachi
Ar. Sabuhi Essa from NCA, Lahore
Ar. Aly Naqvi as a self-financed participant
Ar. Nishan Wijetunge and Ar. Nandaka Jayasinghe from City School of Architecture, Sri Lanka

Master Teacher training workshop particpants:

Ar. Hussain Abbas Jesserwala from IVSAA, Karachi
Ar. Fahad Shams Nizamani from CEAD, Jamshoro
Ar. Faryal Sikander and Ar. Qurat Ul Ain Rehman from DUET, Karachi
Ar. Uzma Kabir and Ar. Sannah Ejaz from COMSATS, Islamabad
Ar. Abdul Wahid from NCA, Islamabad
Ar. Inayat Ullah Shaheen from CECOS, Peshawar