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Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion

35thARCASIA Committee Of Architecture Education Meeting, KL, Malaysia – June 2014

(The summary has been extracted from the minutes of 35th ACAE Meeting authored by Dr. Walaiporn Nakapan, Honorary Secretary of ACAE.)
The 35th ARCASIA Committee of Architecture Education (ACAE) meeting was held on the 24th of June 2014 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. 22 delegates from 16 countries (Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam) attended the meeting. Pakistan was represented by Ar. Murad Jamil (Chairman BAE-IAP) and Ar. Nosheed Ullah Shah. Each country was asked to present a report on the following:
• History of architectural education
• Institution of architects
• Summary of architecture school programmes
• Registration and license requirement
• Accreditation body and its status
• Key issues in architectural education
• Future plans
• Potential for student exchange programmes
• CPD programme
• Condition of the student internship programme
• University and contact list

The delegates shared the problems and their potential solutions with one another. The teacher per student ratio in architecture schools was also discussed. Student Jamboree and Competition manuals were re¬viewed and separated. Malaysia, Pakistan, and Indonesia, were requested to submit pictorial records of the previous student jamborees and com¬petitions. Nuno Soares - Deputy Chairman ACAE - presented a report on the preparation and progress of the Virtual Pilot Workshop ‘ARCASIA Pavillon’ based on the concept paper drafted by Dr. Kemas Ridwan Kurniawan (IAI). The participants include Macau (AAM), Korea (KIRA), Indonesia (IAI), Philippines (UAP), Pakistan (IAP) and India (IIA). It was also agreed that the Architecture Research Journal (ARJ) should empha¬size not only on theory but also practice, thus differentiating it from other Journals. Progress of the Architectural Timeline Chart and Architectural School Directory of each country was discussed; tasks and deadlines were assigned. ACAE also decided to continue the effort towards materializing and expanding the Cross Border Internship Programme. In this regard each member Institute was requested to list 10 architecture firms who are interested in participating in the programme.