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Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion

The BAE-IAP- RIC- 1stRoundtable of Schools of Architecture – June 2017

First BAE-IAP Roundtable meeting under the domain of IAP-Rawalpindi Islamabad Chapter and Peshawar Chapter was held on June 20, 2017 at Hotel Serena, Islamabad to which all heads of Architecture Schools in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Capital City were invited. The meeting was hosted by IAP-RIC. Following members attended the meeting:
• Ar. ArshadFaruqui, Chairman BAE-IAP
• Ar. FawadSuhailAbbasi, Vice President IAP
• Ar. Kabeer Malik, Chairman IAP-RIC
• Ar. Haroon -ur-Rashid, Vice Chairman IAP-RIC
• Ar. FahimGilani, Executive Member IAP-RIC
• Ar. Adnan Khan, CECOS University
• Ar. Mubashar Ahmed Khan, NCA Rawalpindi
• Ar. Shabbir-ullah-Qureshi, UET Peshawar – Abbottabad Campus
• Ar. SikandarAjam Khan, NUST Islamabad
• Ar. UzmaKabir, COMSATS Islamabad
In his opening remarks, Ar. ArshadFaruquihighlighted the current and past years’ achievements of BAE-IAP. He informed that for the past two years, his focus has been to stream line the systems and to bring all the academic awards under the BAE-IAP. This has helped collecting data from the institutions and also one can look at the standards of different institutions.
He told the participants about three new faculty awards which have been introduced in his tenure and will be launched this year. The three awards are as following:
3. IAP FACULTY EXCELLENCE AWARDS (IFEA) for Junior Faculty Members
He also reported about the First Photography Competition followed by exhibition as introduced this year. It received very positive response from the institutions. Ar.ArshadFaruqui informed the HoDs that at Karachi Chapter, schools are planning to introduce a two week design assignment which will be conducted in all the institutions simultaneously. This 2-week design assignment will help in assessing the standard of teaching and students at various institutions. He also informed that a workshop on public speaking is in progress which will be hosted by IAP-RIC.
He apprised the house about the objective of holding such meetings which provide the institutions a platform where they can discuss ideas and issues faced by them and also share resources as well.
Lastly Chairman BAE asked to share inputs of HODs on the agenda of the meeting.