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Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion
Board of Architectural Educaion

The BAE-IAP- LC- 1st Roundtable of Schools of Architecture – May 2016

The BAE-IAP Lahore Chapter’s 1st Roundtable of Schools of Architecture on Resource Sharing– Possibilities & Mechanism was held on May 28, 2016 at Faletti’s Hotel, Lahore.
The Institute of Architects Pakistan – Lahore Chapter (IAP-LC) convened a meeting of the HODs of Architecture Schools on resource sharing. All heads provided information and suggestions on sharing of human, physical and intellectual resources available to them. A meaningful discourse and discussion led to the following resolution as signed by all the participants.
1. ACADEMIC PORTAL: An academic website/ portal, facilitated by IAP-LC in collaboration with architecture schools, be launched where each school can contribute their resources as they are developed.
2. ELECTRONIC MEDIA AS A PEDAGOGICAL TOOL: Architecture schools should encourage faculty and students to use electronic media and tools as primary source of knowledge acquisition and sharing.
3. PHYSICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SHARING: A mechanism should be devised for sharing of physical infrastructure (such as labs, auditoriums, technical facilities) and libraries (catalog and access).
4. FOCUSED STUDIOS: Schools will facilitate to conduct special studio project for fourth year students in inter-school at IAP-Lahore Chapter level.
5. REGULAR MEETINGS: A meeting between the HODs of each school at IAP-Lahore Chapter level should be held at least twice a year to sustain meaningful dialogue on architect rural education.
The meeting was attended by:
Ar. Sajjak Kausar (Convener), Chairman IAP-LC
Ar. Ali Zafar Qazi, President IAP
Ar. Arshad Faruqui, Chairman BAE-IAP
Ar. Sadia Fazli, Registrar PCATP
Prof. Dr. Gulzar Haider, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore
Prof. Dr. Mahmood Hussain, College of Arts and Design, University of the Punjab, Lahore
Ar. Waqar Aziz, COMSATS institute of Information Technology, Lahore
Ar. Nawab Nayyar Afzal, Imperial University, Lahore
Ar. Yasmeen Abid Maan, Lahore College for Women University, Lahore
Ar. Syed Mushir Hasan Naqvi, Lahore College of Information & Technology, Lahore
Ar. Syed Maqsood Pasha, National College of Arts, Lahore
Ar. Mehwish Ali, NFC Institute of Engineering and Technology, Multan
Ar. Naushaba Azhar, Superior University, Lahore •
Dr. Shams Anbrine, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore
Ar. Shoaib Shabbir, University of Gujrat
Prof. Dr. Tauseef Ahmed, University of Lahore, Lahore
Prof. Dr. Yusuf Awan, University of Management and Technology, Lahore
Ar. Najma Kabir, University of South Asia, Lahore